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The Canless Air Advantage

There is a new kid on the block when it comes to compressed air solutions. No longer must you tolerate the ineffective cleaning that traditional canned air offers. Finally, there is a revolutionary and innovative new way to power clean your electronic devices, cars, computers, shelves, lamp shades, blinds, and so much more. Simply purchase the Canless O2 Hurricane compressed air can system once, and you are set for life.

The problem with the old standard compressed air canister is you must continually buy it. The Canless Air System ® eliminates this problem. In addition, canned air is harmful to the environment, because compressed gas duster contains dangerous chemicals. For this reason you must be eighteen years or older to purchase it. Furthermore, canned air has become a popular way for teenagers and even children to misuse for a quick high. Abusing canned air in this manner can cause serious illness and can even be fatal.

The Canless Air System ® is a permanent solution. As mentioned you buy it once, and that’s it. Furthermore, the Canless Hurricane does not release dangerous chemicals. No chemicals is the policy in home cleaning in Florida, you can learn more at Only air is discharged from the Hurricane. This means Canless Air is safe for teenagers and children and cannot be abused like canned air, and you do not need to prove you are eighteen to buy the Canless Hurricane.

When it comes to pure cleaning power canned air is simply no match for the Canless Air duster. To use canned air you must only shoot short bursts of air and the can must be kept upright for it to work. Turn canned air at an angle and you end up with ice and the device stops functioning. You can even suffer frostbite when using canned air. If you cannot turn the can sideways or upside down how can you clean those hard to reach areas?

The Canless Air 02 Hurricane canned be turned sideways, upside down, or any angle that is needed to power clean hard to reach crevices. Plus, you can use the Canless system in a sustained manner for deep cleaning, and since no chemicals are used there is no chance of frostbite. If you want to know more about Symptoms Of Chlamydia In men visit The Canless compressed gas duster more powerful and better able to reach hard clean to areas than the canned air can.

We are naturally all concerned about the environment. When compressed air is used greenhouse gasses are released into the atmosphere. In fact one can of canned air is equal to burning 100 gallons of gasoline. As mentioned, Canless Air only releases air. This means the Canless Air O2 Hurricane is safe for humans and the environment. Isn’t it time you switched to the Canless advantage?

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