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Canned air horror stories

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“I volunteer for a Pre-K class at my local elementary school. I was dusting in the classroom with canned air.
After I was done, I was extremely nauseous and had a splitting headache. The canned air had started to asphyxiate me.
Never again will I use those dangerous chemicals.”
-N. Davis


“Had a can blow up years ago in a Toyota Celica. I’m guessing it was somewhere around 1995. Can was under the back hatchback glass window. Can cut perfect hole through drivers seat. It then bounce off the front window and landed back in the box originally housed in.
When I saw the box all torn up I couldn’t figure it out. Since the hole in the seat was still covered by the remain material it was some time before I discovered it. Had I been driving it would have hit me in the back right below my right shoulder blade. Check out forensic construction consulting seattle.
Too bad I didn’t take pictures of it. Image is burned into my mind though.”
-Stan Coleman