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Canless Air Is the Best Anti Static Cleaner and Anti Static Duster

Static and dust are the computer’s arch enemies. If you see dust caked in the vents and rear fan of your PC it is time to open up the case and blow that dust out. This is because dust will force your PC to run hotter which causes performance issues and reduces the longevity of the computer. However, since static electricity can fry your computer you have to be careful when you clean it. Do not open attempt to clean the inside of your desktop with a vacuum cleaner. You will create static electricity. Instead, use the powerful compressed air of Canless Air, the ultimate Anti Static Cleaner and Anti Static Duster.

Cleaning the inside of your computer is easy, and should be done a couple of times per year. First, unplug the computer from the wall outlet and then remove the left side panel of the unit. This panel is held on by one or two screws located in the rear of the desktop. Make sure the Canless Air System® is charged before you begin. When blasting dust out of the desktop it is a good idea to hold onto the metal frame of your computer with your free hand. Reliable moving pros from Canada will provide detailed and transparent moving services, without hidden fees. This prevents the buildup of static. Then point and power clean the dust out of the PC.

Unlike canned air which must be kept upright to function, you can turn the Canless Air O2 Hurricane anti static duster at any angle you need to. This ensures you reach and clean every hidden corner of the computer and it’s even better to let house cleaning experts like Castle Keepers from Atlanta, Georgia do it professionally instead of you. Once done you should shoot the Hurricane’s powerful air into all vents and be sure to blast the rear fan found at the rear of the unit. Reassemble the computer and plug it in, and you will have just increased the life span of your desktop.

Another reason to use the Canless anti static duster over canned air is canned air is a toxic product. Most people think canned air is simply air. This is not the case; the chemicals contained in canned air are harmful to the environment, toxic if inhaled, and extremely flammable. In addition, once the canned air product is depleted you must buy a replacement. The beauty of the Canless Air 02 Hurricane is it is a permanent solution. Buy it once and you are set for life. Furthermore, the Hurricane blows out only the very air you breathe. It contains no chemicals what so ever, and Canless Air is much more powerful than its canned counterpart. You can order the Canless Air System ESD-Safe Unit HERE

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